Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coming soon...Radiothon!

Our annual fundraising campaign at WHUS -- also known as Radiothon -- officially begins this Saturday, April 13th, and will run through Sunday, April 21st.  That means that the next two Sundays of our Bluegrass Cafe programming will be mostly devoted to us asking (nicely, of course) for your support of our Bluegrass programming at WHUS.  A lot of the particulars about pledge levels and different WHUS premium items available for your donations can be found here.  In addition, I can share with you the titles of the wonderful recordings we'll have to say THANKS to folks who support either our Bluegrass Cafe or James & Cathy Ward's Bluegrass Rules (which airs on Thursday nights from 7-8PM)!  

We're grateful to the wonderful record labels who've supported our Radiothon campaign this year:  Compass Records, Crossroads Music (Mountain Home/Pisgah Ridge), Mountain Fever Records, Patuxent Music, and Rebel Records.  Take a look at our terrific list of musical offerings -- with this many great selections, there's bound to be something you'll really like:

  • Eddie & Martha Adcock with Tom Gray & Friends - "Many A Mile" (Patuxent Music)
  • Darin & Brooke Aldridge - "Live At Red, White & Bluegrass" (Mountain Home)
  • The Boxcars - "All In" (Mountain Home)
  • Cumberland Gap Connection - "Another Song" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Flatt Lonesome - "Flatt Lonesome" (Pisgah Ridge)
  • Front Porch String Band (with Claire Lynch) - "Hills Of Alabam" (Rebel)
  • Gibson Brothers - "They Called It Music" (Compass Records)
  • Chris Jones & the Night Drivers - "Lost Souls & Free Spirits" (Rebel)
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - "Roads Well Traveled" (Mountain Home)
  • Mountain Faith - "Battlefield" (Pisgah Ridge)
  • Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers - "They're Playing My Song" (Rebel)
  • Akira Otsuka - "First Tear" (Patuxent Music)
  • Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass - "Road Into Town" (Patuxent Music)
  • Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - "The Story Of The Day That I Died" (Rebel)
  • Spinney Brothers - "Memories" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Spinney Brothers - "No Borders" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys - "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (Rebel)
  • Volume Five - "Run" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Frank Wakefield - "A Tribute To Bill Monroe" (Patuxent Music)
If you made a pledge to WHUS during Radiothon in 2012 or before, you've probably received a letter from the station in the mail this week asking for your continued support.  Now, if you'd prefer to make a donation this way, please go right ahead.  We figure, though, that since we have so much great music to offer you for your pledge, it would behoove you to call during the actual program time this coming Sunday (4/14) or next Sunday (4/21).  Operators will be standing by to talk with you.  In addition to these wonderful recordings, we'll have a few surprises to share on the ol' radio.  Join us!  This is the one time during the year that Jim and I are actually in the studio at the same time, and we'll be looking for you to join us, too!  Thanks!!  


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