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Coming more week of Radiothon!

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Coming up this Sunday afternoon, we've got one more afternoon of Radiothon at the Bluegrass Cafe.  Sure hope you'll consider joining all of us - me, Jim, James Ward, and our operators, Eleanor O. (a/k/a my mother), Clyde Proch, Scott Farrar, and James's mother, Cathy Ward -- and maybe even think about making a pledge of support for BG programming at WHUS.  We won't threaten you and say that Bluegrass music might disappear from WHUS without your pledge, but boy!  Your show of financial support sure does help us to prove to the WHUS "Powers That Be" that BG folks are, indeed, still interested in listening to Bluegrass music on the airwaves at WHUS.  For more than 30 of the station's 91 years in existence, Bluegrass has been part of the broadcast mix at the University of Connecticut.  Show your support this Sunday, if you will, between 4 and 7PM.  We'll be waiting to hear from you at 1-800-599-9487.  Thanks!!

Scott tallies up the pledges, while Clyde & Eleanor
work the phones.
Of course, we've still got quite a few wonderful ways to thank you for your pledge of support, too.  If you'd like to make your entire pledge 100% tax deductible, you don't have to pick up a WHUS premium (or, thank you gift) at all, but if you'd like some great WHUS clothing, we've got it -- see the photos here.  If you'd prefer to pick up some music, we've still got lots of that, too.  For a $35 pledge, you can choose one of the following CDs, but for an additional $5 pledge (total of $40), you'll get one CD of your choosing, plus another one that we'll pick.  Nice!  

Big thanks to the wonderful record labels who've been so kind to us in providing this fine music:  Compass Records, Crossroads Music (Mountain Home/Pisgah Ridge), Mountain Fever Records, Patuxent Music, and Rebel Records.  

Here's the list of CDs from which you can choose:  

Easily, this was our most popular premium during Week #1.
Will the popularity continue in Week #2?

  • Eddie & Martha Adcock with Tom Gray & Friends - "Many A Mile" (Patuxent Music)
  • Darin & Brooke Aldridge - "Live At Red, White & Bluegrass" (Mountain Home)
  • The Boxcars - "All In" (Mountain Home)
  • Cumberland Gap Connection - "Another Song" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Flatt Lonesome - "Flatt Lonesome" (Pisgah Ridge)
  • Gibson Brothers - "They Called It Music" (Compass Records)
  • Chris Jones & the Night Drivers - "Lost Souls & Free Spirits" (Rebel)
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - "Roads Well Traveled" (Mountain Home)
  • Mountain Faith - "Battlefield" (Mountain Home)
  • Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers - "They're Playing My Song" (Rebel)
  • Akira Otsuka - "First Tear" (Patuxent Music)
  • Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice - "The Story Of The Day That I Died" (Rebel)
  • Ralph Stanley - "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (Rebel Records)
  • Volume Five - "Run" (Mountain Fever Records)
  • Frank Wakefield - "A Tribute To Bill Monroe" (Patuxent Music)
There are some other fine selections, too, but maybe you can tune in on Sunday to learn what they are!  Plus, don't forget that we're planning to have our Bonus Book Bonanza at the end of Sunday's session of Radiothon.  The winner will be drawn from the names of folks who've given us a pledge during the two weeks of Radiothon, and what will they win?  Why, copies of two wonderful photo books:  Honky Tonk:  Portraits Of Country Music, 1972-1981 by Harry Horenstein and Phil Zimmerman's Bluegrass Time:  A Musician's Photographs Of The Early Days Of Bluegrass Festivals.  There is no minimum pledge for your name to be entered in our end-of-Radiothon drawing -- you just need to make a pledge sometime between 4 and 7PM on Sunday.  

Special thanks to the 27 folks who pledged to the show last week!  We'll hope to hear from several more of you this Sunday, too...

See you then!


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