Friday, July 14, 2006

Eric Gibson on the "BG Cafe" - Sunday, July 23rd

On Sunday, July 23rd, the elder Gibson brother, Eric, will be joining us via the phone. As you may know, the Gibson Brothers have long been favorites of CT Bluegrass fans, and so, they're likely to see plenty of friends when they make an appearance at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival in East Hartford on Saturday, August 5th. Eric's been on the air with us at the Bluegrass Cafe a couple of times -- we never know what to expect, but it's always an entertaining time. The Gibsons are doing extremely well, both on and off the stage. Their latest Sugar Hill recording, Red Letter Day, is currently #1 on the National Bluegrass Survey Albums Chart for the month of July, and the song "Red Letter Day" is #3 on the Song Chart. Will it be another #1 tune for the Gibsons? We'll see...

Off the stage, there has been a recent addition to the Gibson family: younger brother Leigh and his wife, Allison, welcomed Annie Gray Gibson to the fold on July 1st. Our best wishes to the whole family!

If you have any questions for Eric, feel free to email them to us sometime before July 23rd at Then, tune in to the show on July 23rd and we'll see what Eric has to say.

Of course, tune in this Sunday, as well. Jim & Marti will keep you entertained with some great tunes, I'm sure.


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