Monday, December 22, 2014

Playlist - 12/21/2014 - Christmas

Hi Folks.

In spite of our best intentions, we were reduced to a 1-hour show because of a spurts preemption. Our intention was to program a typical show and intersperse bluegrass Christmas music along the way. We were able to do this for one hour.

We introduced several notable new recordings on this show including the surprising debut of Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys -- surprising because they are from Italy, and have pretty much nailed the traditional bluegrass sounds of the 1950s.  You can check out their Facebook page here.

Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys
Other new recordings included music from Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle, Cody Shuler, and Christmas music from The Roys.

Steve Gulley and New Pinnacle
Recent favorites included songs from Marteka & William, Larry Sparks, Tommy Brown, Turning Ground, Phil Leadbetter, and Alex Leach.

Alex Leach

The Heritage Corner included music from The Stanley Brothers, Dave Evans, The Johnson Mountain Boys, Doc Watson, and Dry Branch Fire Squad.

Amy is scheduled to be with you next Sunday to make the banjos and fiddles ring, so make an appointment to tune in.

Jim Beaver

Artist / Song / Disk / Label

  • Marteka and William / Sally Goodwin / The Sounds Of A Tradition / Self-released
  • Larry Sparks / Will You Be Satisfied That Way / Lonesome And Then Some... / Rebel
  • The Johnson Mountain Boys / Darlin' I'm Coming Home / Walls Of Time / Rounder
  • The Johnson Mountain Boys / The Friendly Beasts / Acoustic Holidays / Rounder
  • Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys / Theme / Single / Self-released
  • Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys / Nashville Jail / Single / Self-released
  • Ruben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys / Teardrops Mixed With Rain / Single / Self-released
  • The Stanley Brothers / Christmas Is Near / Christmas Time's A-Comin' / Time Life
  • Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle / Leaving Crazytown / Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks No.2 - 2014 / Rural Rhythm
  • Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass / Leaving This Town Little Darlin' / Leaving This Town / Randm
  • Cody Shuler / My Home Is On This Ole Boxcar / Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks No.2 - 2014 / Rural Rhythm
  • The Roys / Bluegrass Kinda Christmas / Bluegrass Kinda Christmas / Rural Rhythm
  • Turning Ground / Old Memories / Cell Of Mine / Self-released
  • Phil Leadbetter / Just Joshin' with Jerry Douglas & Rob Ikes / The Next Move / Pinecastle
  • Alex Leach / Miller's Cave / Mountain Heartache / Self-released
  • Doc Watson / New Born King / Single / United Artists
  • Dave Evans / When The Snow Falls On My Foggy Mountain Home / Classic Bluegrass / Rebel Records Llc
  • Rueben & Matt and the Truffle Valley Boys / The Lord's Last Supper / Single / Self Released
  • Dry Branch Fire Squad / Jesus On The Mainline / Long Journey / Rounder [requested]

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