Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ralph Stanley in East Hartford 7/6/2007

All Southern New Englanders should take note of a rare appearance by Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center this Friday evening, 6 July 2007. The doors open at 6 pm for jamming and the good doctor begins his performance at 7:30 pm.

Ralph had his 80th birthday earlier this year and is without peer in accomplishment in the mountain style of what they call bluegrass music. He is one of the few remaining of the first generation pioneers of bluegrass music. Ralph could choose to retire at any moment and enjoy the fruits of his lifelong achievements, but he is still on the road today, and this could be your last chance to enjoy this legendary performer and pioneer.

It is quite possible you will see the Bluegrass Cafe crew at the concert.

The picture is Bluegrass Cafe DJ, Jim, with Ralph Stanley about 12 years ago.

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