Friday, May 04, 2007

Introducing the umpteenth member of Quicksilver....

In the "Is anybody really surprised by this?" BG news category, I read this week that Ron Spears (currently playing the mandolin and singing a lot of lead and tenor vocals with the Special Consensus) is going to be the new bass player/high tenor vocalist with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. It was announced a few months back that Jamie Dailey -- Doyle's current guitar player/high tenor guy, and a former guest at the Cafe -- would be leaving Doyle at the end of 2007 to form a new band with Darrin Vincent (Rhonda's brother, and a guitar player/harmony singer with Ricky Skaggs' Kentucky Thunder). Apparently, Doyle's been audtioning some singers to fill Jamie's part, and the decision to hire Ron Spears was revealed this week. Since I'm one of those people who've thought for a while now that Ron Spears sounds an awful lot like one of the members of the original Quicksilver band, Lou Reid, this seems like a fabulous addition to Quicksilver. This band is always terrific, and I will look forward to hearing the "new" group.

There's been no official word of when, exactly, Ron will be making his Quicksilver debut, but don't'll be able to see Doyle & Quicksilver at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival in East Hartford this August. The festival dates are August 2-5, and Quicksilver will be appearing on Saturday, August 4th. For more information, visit the
Podunk website.

If you want to read more about Ron joining Quicksilver, check out
the Bluegrass Blog entry on this subject. The BG Blog is always a great source of daily info on all things Bluegrass --- check it out, if you're so inclined....


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