Friday, January 05, 2007

Another year -- another guest at this Sunday's BG Cafe!

Folks -

Just wanted to let you know that David Davis (of the Warrior River Boys) will be joining Jim via telephone on this Sunday's BG Cafe. At this point, I'm not sure of what time that interview will be happening, but you'll want to tune in for the whole show, I'm sure, beginning at 4PM EST. David Davis has long been a favorite of New England's ultra-traditional BG fans, and his very excellent and successful 2006 Rebel release, "Troubled Times" does not disappoint. Folks in New England will have a couple of opportunities to see David and the WRB in person in 2007. Here are just a couple of dates:

If you don't live in or near New England, click here for a more complete listing of WRB gigs.

Join David with Jim this Sunday, January 7th, won't you? I know I'll be listening....


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