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"Bluegrass Cafe" Playlist - 3/1/2009

I can't recall when I had more fun hosting Bluegrass Cafe. This was essentially the first time I had not had to do five hours of radio on the same day I did this show. When Marti and I were doing Red Rooster Party, that show took many hours to plan and produce leaving little time remaining for Bluegrass Cafe. I knew I was leaving a lot of interesting material on the shelves because I just didn't have time to dig it out.

Now that Marti and I have all the time we need to prepare for Bluegrass Cafe, I am able to mine my extensive collection with emphasis on the old LPs that have not yet (and may never be) reissued on CD. This show was the first in which I brought a handful of LPs to the studio to share with all of you, and I didn't even get to all of them. The result was a mix of classic and new music that absolutely thrilled me to put on the air.

We had a couple of mini-features through the show, the first of which was a set of songs written by Stan Keach, a New Hampshire native who lives in Maine. It is always a pleasure to see New England artists who really "get" this music do well, and Stan is making quite a name for himself with songs recorded by Danny Paisley, Audie Blaylock, The Gillis Brothers, Special Consensus, and others. We played three of Stan's songs performed by the first three (highlighted in green below). Afterwards we were treated to a call from Stan. It seems someone listening to the show gave Stan a call when we were playing his songs, and he tuned in over the Web, and called us to say "hi." (I love this "job".) Be sure to check out a feature on Stan in the March/April issue of Bluegrass Music Profiles.

Also, by popular demand, we played a long set of train songs -- some old and some new. That was fun, and it must have struck a nerve because before we finished we had callers suggesting more.

Some of the LPs we played were oldies from Dave Evans, The Johnson Mountain Boys (note to Rounder: when are you going to release all of their LPs on CD???), Fred Pike & Sam Tidwell, and Charlie Moore. I've indicated these by putting (LP) next to the album titles below.

I also have to mention the gospel set at the end of the show. I focused a bit more than usual on a cappella songs of the type Ralph Stanley brought into bluegrass, starting with one of the first he recorded in that style. We are fortunate to have many artists doing great a cappella numbers these days, and I picked new ones from Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad and their excellent gospel release, and one from Dry Branch Fire Squad's newest CD to round out our more classic material. The Gibson Brothers fit in there quite well, too.

Amy will be with you next week, so be sure to tune in for more of the best in bluegrass as she makes the banjos and fiddles ring.


requests in blue


  • Fire On The Mountain / Michael Cleveland / Sawing On the "C" String / Self-produced
  • Rocky Road Blues / Del McCoury Band / Recorded Live At The 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival / Jazzfest Live
  • Lonely Rain / Gold Heart / Never Let Go (Prime Cuts #97) / Self-produced (KBC)
  • What Can I Do / Joe Val & The New England Bluegrass Boys / One Morning In May / Rounder
  • I'd Worship You / Lonesome River Band / No Turning Back / Rural Rhythm
  • Lord, Take Me Home / Wayne Taylor / Dear Mom / Raincoe Music
  • Don't Act / Rhonda Vincent / All American Bluegrass Girl / Rounder
  • Travelin' Down This Lonesome Road / The Dreadful Snakes / Snakes Alive! / Rounder
  • Bound To Ride / Ralph Stanley / Old-Time Pickin' / Rebel
  • Drowning Sailor / Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass / The Room Over Mine / Rounder [written by Stan Keach]
  • Whispering Waters / Audie Blaylock and Redline / Audie Blaylock and Redline / Rural Rhythm [written by Stan Keach]
  • Wake Up Peter / The Gillis Brothers / Sunshine In The Shadows / Hay Holler [written by Stan Keach]
  • Daddy Played The Banjo / Steve Martin / The Crow / Self-produced
  • Anything Southbound / Lonesome Standard Time / Lonesome As It Gets / Sugar Hill
  • Too Far Gone / Kati Penn / My Turn To Cry / Self-produced
  • Long Haul Truckin' / Chris Warner / Back Again / Pinecastle
  • Comedy With Chick Stripling / Stanley Brothers / Folk Festival / Stanley
  • Johnson Had An Old Gray Mule / Stanley Brothers / Folk Festival / Stanley
  • Avery County / Charlie Moore / Avery County (LP) / Old Homestead
  • Take One Last Look / Avery County / Me & The Jukebox / Self-produced
  • Roustabout / Fred Pike, Sam Tidwell & The Kennebec Valley Boys / The Last Log Drive (LP) / Revonah
  • Time And Time Again / The Case Brothers / Radio Album / Self-produced
  • Corey Is Gone / Joe Val and The New England Bluegrass Boys / Live In Holland / Strictly Country
  • Late Last Night / Dave Evans and River Bend / Poor Rambler (LP) / Rebel
  • Lonesome Without You / Patrick McAvinue / Rutland's Reel / Patuxent
  • The Ballad Of Charlie Dill / Ernie Thacker / The Hangman / Pinecastle
  • Pig In A Pen / Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys / Classic Stanley / CR Freeland
  • Wiggle Worm Wiggle / Jim Eanes, Bobby Atkins, Mark Atkins, and the Original Countrymen / Self-titled / Thunderbolt
  • Sitting On Top Of The World / Mashville Brigade / Bluegrass Smash Hits / Rural Rhythm
  • Gathering Flowers From The Hillside / J. E. Mainer / The Best of King Bluegrass / King
  • The Golden Rocket / David Peterson & 1946 / In The Mountaintops To Roam / Self-produced
  • Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong / Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys / 16 Gems / Columbia
  • Lost River / Michael Martin Murphey / Buckaroo Bluegrass / Rural Rhythm
  • Cowboy Jack / The Vern Williams Band / Bluegrass From The Gold Country / Rounder
  • Who Done It? / Mark Delaney / Sidecar / Patuxent
  • Heart Wrenching Love Sick Memories / Rhonda Vincent & The Rage / Destination Life (Prime Cuts #97) / Rounder (KBC)
  • Orange Blossom Special / The Stonemans / Classic Bluegrass Collection / Time Life
  • Ridin' That Midnight Train / The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain Boys / Appalachian Stomp - More Bluegrass Classics / Rhino
  • Through The Window Of A Train / Blue Highway / Through The Window Of A Train / Rounder
  • The Train That Carried My Girl From Town / Dave Evans and River Bend / The Best Of The Vetco Years / Rebel
  • Nobody's Singing Train Songs Anymore / Songs From The Road Band / As The Crow Flies / Lucks Dumpy Toad
  • Dixie Flyer / Grasstowne / The Road Headin' Home / Pinecastle
  • Darling Do You Know Who Loves You / The Johnson Mountain Boys / The Johnson Mountain Boys (LP) / Rounder
  • Village Church Yard / Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys / Almost Home / Rebel
  • Gone Home / The Gibson Brothers / Iron & Diamonds / Sugar Hill
  • When I Safely Reach That Other Shore / Tommy Magness / The Best Of King Bluegrass / King
  • So High / Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad / Pickin', Praisin' & Singin' / Rural Rhythm
  • I'll Fly Away / The Dillards / There Is A Time / Vanguard
  • Power In The Blood / Dry Branch Fire Squad / Echoes of the Mountains / Rounder
  • You Don't Love God (If You Don't Love Your Neighbor) / Carl Story / Mighty Close To Heaven / Starday
  • Rockin' On The Waves / Hee Haw Gospel Quartet / Self-titled / Time Life
  • The Promise / The Gillis Brothers / Sunshine In The Shadows / Hay Holler
Also: Susan Forbes Hansen began her show following Bluegrass Cafe with this....
  • Crooked Man / Chris Stuart and Backcountry / Crooked Man / Backcountry

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