Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's coming...Radiothon 2011!

As you've likely heard from us over the past couple of weeks, the next two Sundays of BG Cafe (sports preemptions, notwithstanding) are going to be devoted to our annual fundraising campaign at WHUS known as Radiothon. We'll be looking for your financial support for the station, and while neither Jim nor I really enjoy asking for money from our listeners, we surely do have some great ways to say "thank you." In addition to lots of station goodies (shirts, etc.), we'll have several great CDs from which you may choose -- and believe me, there are A LOT of great CD offerings this year!

Here's a partial list:
  • Balsam Range - "Trains I Missed" (Mountain Home)
  • The Boxcars - "The Boxcars" (Mountain Home)
  • J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul Williams - "Old Friends Get Together" (Mountain Home)
  • Darrell Webb Band - "Bloodline" (Rural Rhythm)
  • Rodney Dillard & the Dillard Band - "I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry" (Rural Rhythm)
  • Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie - "Southern" (Rural Rhythm)
  • The Expedition Show - "The Expedition Show" (Mountain Fever)
  • Steve Gulley & Tim Stafford - "Dogwood Winter" (Rural Rhythm)
  • The Hagar's Mountain Boys - "Forever Yours" (Mountain Fever)
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver - "Help Is On The Way" (Mountain Home)
  • Edgar Loudermilk - "Roads Travelled" (Mountain Fever)
  • David Peterson - "Comin' On Strong" (Self-Produced)
  • David Peterson & 1946 - "David Peterson & 1946" (Self-Produced)
  • David Peterson & 1946 - "The Howling Blue Winds" (Self-Produced)
  • Lou Reid & Carolina - "Sounds Like Heaven To Me" (Rural Rhythm Christian)
  • Spinney Brothers - "If I Were Your Brother" (Self-Produced)
  • Spinney Brothers - "Here At The Cross" (Self-Produced)
  • Various - "Look To The Light: Songs Of Faith From The Pen Of Rick Lang" (Rural Rhythm Christian)
For some of the above CDs, we have multiple copies to offer -- for others, there is just one copy, so if you see something you like, pledging early is advised. We'll break it all down for you on Sunday...
We're excited to offer you an opportunity to pledge for these brand new (or nearly brand new) recordings, as well:
  • Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - "Fired Up" (Rounder)
  • The Gibson Brothers - "Help My Brother" (Compass Records)
  • Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers - "Rare Bird Alert" (Rounder)
  • Charlie Sizemore - "Heartache Looking For A Home" (Rounder)
  • Larry Sparks - "Almost Home" (Rounder)

For the last several years, BG Cafe has been the most listener-supported music program on the air at WHUS during Radiothon. We think it's great that so many folks support the Bluegrass music, and you KNOW we'd love to be #1 again in 2011. If you can help us, please do! We'll hope to hear from you beginning at 4PM this Sunday...and THANKS!!!

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