Friday, September 15, 2006

A spate* of live BG in October....

It seems there are a large number of indoor shows for lovers of the BG in Connecticut in the month of October. One of them is our BIG SUNDAY BLUEGRASS event (co-sponsored by the Bluegrass Cafe) on October 8th in East Hartford. That show is so large that it deserves -- and will receive -- it's own blog entry.

What are the other shows you should know about?

On Friday, October 20th, you'll find IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year for 2004, King Wilkie in East Hartford at the Community Cultural Center, 50 Chapman Place. These guys know a little bit about the traditional BG, so you're likely to hear plenty of it at their show. Joining King Wilkie on the bill will be Connecticut band, Too Blue. The doors open at 6PM for this show, and showtime is 7:30PM. For more information, click here or call (860)282-8241. This show is sponsored by the same folks who each year bring you the Podunk Bluegrass Festival -- the East Hartford Parks & Recreation Department.

On the following Friday, October 27th, the CT Bluegrass Music Association presents its final Salem Barn concert for 2006. This show will feature Rhode Island native (and legendary mandolin player), Jimmy Gaudreau along with former Seldom Scene-r Moondi Klein. Moondi and Jimmy worked together for a time in the group Chesapeake (with Dobro legend Mike Auldridge and bassman T. Michael Coleman), and they continue to team up a couple of times a year to share the stage. Showtime is 7:30PM. Reservations are required for this show, as seating in the barn is limited. To make your reservation, call (860)859-2696. More information can be found on the CTBMA website, as well.

Don't let the cool fall nights get you down -- get out there and see (and hear) some great music!


* (From the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) -- Main Entry: spate Pronunciation: 'spAt; Function: noun; Etymology: Middle English 1 : FRESHET, FLOOD 2 a : a large number or amount b : a sudden or strong outburst : RUSH

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