Friday, June 02, 2006

Sterling Park Bluegrass Festival - June 9-11

Even though this weekend the big Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival is happening in Preston, CT (and surprise -- it looks like it's going to rain!), there is another Bluegrass festival coming up in the area next weekend. This will be the 16th annual Sterling Park Bluegrass Festival, and it's held at the Sterling Park Campground on Gibson Hill Road in Sterling, CT. Featured acts on the bill this year include Dan Helman & Marking Time, Rocky Hollow, Bill Hall & Northwind, the Pine Hill Ramblers, Charter Oak, Nick Anderson & the Gospel Friends, and lots of others. For more information, call (860)564-8777 or email If you need directions on how to find the campground, visit their website.

One more thing -- you just may spot the red & black WHUS tent if you attend the festival during the weekend. Our ever-present and always-faithful Myrna will have lots of WHUS bumper stickers, pens, and plenty of info about our programming and upcoming concerts. You can also put your name in for a drawing to win a Bluegrass Cafe t-shirt. Stop by and see Myrna!

Amy O.

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