Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mineral Springs Foot Stomp'n Festival - June 30, July 1 & 2

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Mineral Springs Family Campground in Stafford Springs, CT hosts its annual Foot Stomp'n Festival. I'm not sure which number festival this is, but this event has been going on a for a long, long time. The festival features a great lineup of local and regional bands, including GrassRoutes, FreeWheelin', TrueGrass, Southern Rail, Acoustic Blue, Charter Oak Bluegrass, Gail Wade & Friends, and the Old Time Bluegrass Singers. If your "holiday" weekend (that really seems like stretching it in this case, as the 4th doesn't come until Tuesday) isn't already full, why not make the trip to Stafford Springs to see a bunch of great bands? The weather forecast for this weekend is a good one, so you may not even need an umbrella or raingear. Wish I could be there...

The fun starts on Friday evening at 8PM, features a full day of music on Saturday (11AM-11PM), and winds down on Sunday (10:30AM-2PM). If you need more information, call (860)684-2993 or visit the Mineral Springs Family Campground website.


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