Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Images of Jenny Brook -- June 23 & 24

Here are a few band shots from the Jenny Brook BG Festival last weekend. From top to bottom, they are Springfield Exit (Tom Adams, David McLaughlin, Linda Lay, David Lay), the Gibson Brothers (Eric & Leigh, along with the "third Gibson Brother," Mike Barber), the Seth Sawyer Band (Dave Shaw, Dave Orlomoski, Candi Sawyer, Seth Sawyer, Daryl Smith), the Old Time Bluegrass Singers (Herb Applin, Dick Bowden, & Lillian Fraker--banjo player Terry McGill is in back), and Nick Anderson & the Gospel Friends (Richard Gilbault, Tom Bowman, Janice Main, Nick Anderson, Jim Plecan).

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clyde proch said...

Amy, Great photos of Jenny Brook. I have some I took. Will show you them when I see you. That was a great festival. Brandon was very good too. Grey Fox was absolutely the BEST. Keep truckin'./ Clyde.