Monday, June 12, 2006

Jim & Marti's BG bios

Jim Beaver and Marti Harmon are the husband and wife team who host the Red Rooster Party, which also airs on WHUS (currently Sundays, 2-4PM). In addition to hosting their own show, they mind the Bluegrass Cafe a couple of times per month, as well. Here's a bit of info about them, taken directly from their website:

Jim and Marti are both from the Piedmont region of North Carolina, but have lived in nine states and visited many foreign countries, most related to Jim's work in the aerospace industry. Marti is a secondary-level science teacher. Both have had a lifelong love of music of many genres. In fact, they met in their university's marching band and have been married since graduation. Marti occasionally pulls her French horn from its case and plays a bit. Jim set aside his trumpet and flugelhorn years ago and now plays the five-string banjo. Both Jim and Marti count bluegrass and roots music as their favorite these days, but have a huge collection of jazz, orchestral, western, and folk music, as well.

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