Friday, October 30, 2009

Ricky Skaggs on Bluegrass Cafe, Sunday 11/1/2009

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder will be performing at the Bushnell in Hartford on Friday, November 6th. We are taking this opportunity to have Ricky join us by telephone on Bluegrass Cafe this Sunday, November 1, at 5:00pm ET, when we will get to ask Ricky all kinds of questions about his music. Don't miss it. You can hear it on WHUS 91.7 FM in eastern Connecticut, or you can hear it simulcast over the Web at WHUS.ORG

Also, around 6:00pm we will have a visit from Deb Noble, promoter of what promises to be a fine evening of honky tonk and bluegrass music in Willimantic on Saturday, November 7th as part of the Windham Arts Collaborative. Performing will be Sean Kershaw and the New Jack Ramblers from New York, and Pine Creek Bluegrass Band from Connecticut. (Full disclosure: Bluegrass Cafe host Jim Beaver is banjo picker with Pine Creek.) Perhaps Jim and Joe Mellet, Pine Creek mandolin player, will pick a little during Deb's visit. We may even have Sean Kershaw join us by phone. Don't miss it!

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