Sunday, April 19, 2015

One more Sunday for Radiothon -- 4/19/2015

Today is the last day of Radiothon for 2015 (that we know about, anyway), and so, that means we will have one more three hour session of Bluegrass Cafe in which we ask you for your support of both the program and all of the other broadcasts we offer at WHUS.  If you can help us out with a pledge, please do!  We've got many, many ways of saying THANKS for your gifts, and, as promised, we've got a special end-of-Radiothon GRAND PRIZE that we'll be giving away around 6:55PM this evening.

This year's GRAND PRIZE consists of two wonderful items:  the 4-CD box set celebrating Rebel Records' first 35 years of existence (1960-1995), AND a copy of Phil Zimmerman's fine book of photos, Bluegrass Time:  A Musician's Photographs Of The Early Days Of Bluegrass.  To have your name entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing, you simply need to make a pledge of support to Bluegrass Cafe sometime between 4:00PM and 6:55PM tonight.  The amount of your pledge can be anything from $5 to $500 or any amount in between.  How do you do that?  Call our wonderful phone operators this afternoon:  1-800-599-9487.  We always love hearing from you, but we especially enjoy knowing that you're listening during Radiothon!  Help us out, if you can!  

If you made a pledge to the show and WHUS during last week's Bluegrass Cafe, your name is already in the drawing for our GRAND PRIZE. 

If you're wondering about what sort of musical premiums we have to offer this year, check out the list posted here.  Keep in mind that the individual recordings donated by Mountain Home are not listed in that link, but suffice it to say, we also have the latest recordings from the Boxcars, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Flatt Lonesome, and a couple others.  Big thanks to all of the record labels who provided recordings for us this year:  Mountain Fever Records, Mountain Home, Rebel, Rounder, and Patuxent Music.  

Jim & I will look forward to hearing from you today...and THANKS!!


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