Wednesday, January 06, 2010

On the home stretch...AND DONE!

Looks like the fund for David McLaughlin is growing very nicely: as of last night (1/5/2010), it had reached $6,093.30! That's pretty amazing when you consider that Claire Lynch only put the word out about David's need a few days after Christmas 2009. It always sounds cliche, but I guess it's true that BG people are often like a family and want to support their own.

Thanks to everyone who's made a donation so far...and if you haven't yet, it's still not too late. The goal is $7,000, but sometimes, the last few dollars are the most challenging to raise...

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, read my earlier post, or check out the original posting on the Bluegrass Blog from last week.


UPDATE: As of last night (1/6/2010), the David McLaughlin Fund had raised the needed $7,000 for the purchase of David's hearing aid devices! That's absolutely astounding, especially when you consider that this "campaign" had only really been going for about 2 weeks. Read fund organizer Claire Lynch's heartfelt thank you as posted on the Bluegrass Blog today -- and thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Click here to read David McLaughlin's heartfelt thanks as posted on the Bluegrass Blog.

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