Saturday, November 28, 2009

A slight change in Sunday's BG programming...

Hello everyone -

We found out late Wednesday night that the WHUS Sports Department will be preempting at least 2 hours of the BG Cafe this Sunday, 11/29 to air coverage of the Women's Basketball game. This preemption will begin about 4:30PM; WHUS "Sunday Night Folk Festival" host, Susan Forbes Hansen, will pick up whatever portion of BG Cafe time remains after the basketball game has ended and before her program's normal start time of 7PM.

This preemption, however, doesn't mean that there will be NO BG Cafe on the air this week. Instead, we will begin broadcasting one hour earlier than normal -- 3PM. We hope you can join us for a shorter - perhaps even a bit more stream-lined, if you will - version of the BG Cafe from 3-4:30PM. If you're in southern New England, you'll find us at 91.7 on your FM dial, and if you're anywhere else, do feel free to listen online:

Hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving!


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