Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Guest for Two Shows....

Question: What could be more fun than having a live musical guest on a radio show?
Answer: Having the guest on TWO radio shows!

On Sunday, November 26th, that very thing will happen when Massachusetts native David Peterson will be dropping by both the Red Rooster Party AND the sports-shortened Bluegrass Cafe. Starting off 'round about 3:30PM, Jim & Marti will welcome Dave and his guitar, and who knows what tunes and conversation you might hear? The BG Cafe will be on for less than an hour on 11/26, as there is a UCONN Men's Basketball game starting at 5PM, so we thought we'd keep the festive holiday weekend feeling going by combining the two shows for a bit and welcoming Dave into the mix. It should be a whole lot of fun -- we hope you'll join us.

(By the way, it's important to note that David Peterson will be performing at WHUS without his band, 1946 -- pictured here at the rain-soaked Buttery Brook BG Festival last July. There's no great controversy -- the rest of the band will just be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with their families. Perhaps we'll all be able to hear Dave sing his very successful tune -- also called "1946" -- that has done so well on the National Bluegrass Survey this year. If he doesn't sing it, you're liable to hear one disappointed person whining on the 26th....)

Tune in to Red Rooster Party this week and every week from 2-4PM, and stay tuned for the BG Cafe from 4-7PM (most weeks, that is).


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