Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Gibsons in the "Bluegrass Guide" chat room tonight - Tuesday, October 17th!

If you've ever had a notion of being a songwriter, you may be interested in visiting Candi Sawyer's Bluegrass Guide website tonight at 8PM (EST). Tonight, the guests in the chat room are none other than Eric & Leigh Gibson (a/k/a The Gibson Brothers, of course) -- and I'm sure they'll be happy to share whatever insight and advice they can with those who log in to participate. There is no cost to join in the festivities. Just go to www.BluegrassGuide.com, click on the "Chat Room" link, and you should be all set. Your chat room host, by the way, is the very talented New Hampshire songwriter, Rick Lang.

If you'd like more information, see our earlier blog post about this event by clicking here.

Have fun!

Amy O.

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