Friday, October 06, 2006

Big Sunday...just two days away...

In case you've been off the planet for the last few weeks, you may not have heard about our BIG SUNDAY BLUEGRASS event coming up this very weekend on Sunday, October 8th.

Here's the Reader's Digest version:

at East Hartford Community Cultural Center
50 Chapman Place East Hartford, CT
Pine Mountain Railroad
The Windy Creek Bluegrass Band
Show starts at 1PM; doors open at noon for jammers
Three sponsors: Podunk Bluegrass Music Committee, Rhode Island Bluegrass Association, WHUS Radio's Bluegrass Cafe

For more information, click here to see a flyer. In addition to great music, there will be food and CD drawings. Please join Jim, Myrna, and I in East Hartford -- we'd love to see you!


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