Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fill-in Playlist - 11/4/2014 - Basement Tapes from Ray Davis

Hi Folks.

I did a quick one-hour fill-in Tuesday evening and filled it with music from the famous "basement" of Ray Davis -- the legendary Baltimore and Washington DC bluegrass DJ who just retired last year (2013) after nearly 60 years in broadcasting.

Jim Beaver

Artist / Song / Disk / Label

  • Gillis Brothers / Train 45 / Freight Train Special Volume Two - Songs of America's Railroads / Wango
  • The Stanley Brothers / How Mt. Girls Can Love; Comedy w/ Uncle Henry; Mountain Dew; On Top Of Old Smokey; Comedy w/Uncle Henry; Little Birdie / Radio Series Volume Six / Wango
  • Warrior River Boys / Blue Ridge Mt. Blues; The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise; Tomorrow You'll Be Gone; Blues Stay Away From Me / Radio Series Volume Six / Wango
  • Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass / Sweet Potato Rag; Darlin' Nellie Across The Sea; I'm Comin' Back (But I Don't Know When); Gotta' Travel On / Radio Series Volume Six / Wango
  • Gillis Brothers / Fire On The Strings; It's Never Too Late; Old Jackson Prison; Don't Cheat In Our Home Town / Radio Series Volume Six / Wango

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