Saturday, February 22, 2014

Radiothon -- the 2014 Edition!

Hey everybody - 

In case you've not heard by now, our annual fundraising campaign at WHUS -- known as Radiothon -- began today and will run until Sunday, March 2nd.  This year's Radiothon is happening about 4 weeks earlier than it normally does at WHUS, but we're hopeful that our wonderful listeners will still be able to help us out and support our radio efforts once again this year...

As always, we have some fabulous ways to say THANKS to you for your pledges of support.  There is a good selection of WHUS apparel, including a purple t-shirt for $35 and a heather gray hooded full-zip sweatshirt for $50.  If you'd like to see the design for this year's apparel, you should be able to view them by clicking here.

We know that folks who generally pledge to Bluegrass Cafe like their thank you gift to be a musical one, and that's a good option for you this year, too.  [Update 3/1/2014:  Several additional titles have been added to our giveaway list, courtesy of the fine folks at Crossroads Music.  Check out the new titles below, as they are bold and printed in RED].  Among the titles we have to offer you this year for a $35 pledge:  
  • Big Country Bluegrass - "Memories Of The Past" (Rebel)
  • The Boxcars - "It's Just A Road" (Mountain Home)
  • The Grascals - "Life Finds A Way" (Mountain Home)
  • Chris Jones & the Night Drivers - "Lonely Comes Easy" (Rebel)
  • Lonesome River Band - "Chronology" [all 3 volumes] (Rural Rhythm)
  • Edgar Loudermilk - "My Big Chance Tomorrow" (Mountain Fever)
  • NewTown - "Time Machine" (Pisgah Ridge)
  • Nu-Blu - "Ten" (Rural Rhythm)
  • Marty Raybon & Full Circle - "Back Forty" (Rural Rhythm)
  • Don Rigsby - "Doctor's Orders:  A Tribute To Ralph Stanley" (Rebel)
  • Sideline - "Session 1" (Mountain Fever)
  • Junior Sisk & Joe Mullins - "Hall Of Fame Bluegrass!" (Rebel)
  • Spinney Brothers - "No Borders" (Mountain Fever)
  • Ralph Stanley & Ralph Stanley II - "Side By Side" (Rebel)
  • Adam Steffey - "New Primitive" (Organic Records)
This list of available premiums is not 100% complete, so please tune in to the show to hear what other CDs we have available.  

As we've done over the past few years, we'll have a "bonus" book drawing after our second week of Radiothon ends on March 2nd.  For each person who pledges to the show during the two weeks of Radiothon -- with a pledge of any amount -- his/her name will go into a drawing to be held at the conclusion of the show on March 2nd for a great book called In The Country Of Country:  A Journey Into The Roots Of American Music by Nicholas Dawidoff.  While this book is not brand new (it was published in 1997), and the subject isn't specifically Bluegrass, it is a wonderful book in which the author visited the hometowns of several country music and Bluegrass legends, including Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, and Doc Watson.  

We sure hope you'll consider supporting our fundraising efforts at WHUS this year.  Jot down this number, and give us a call on Sunday -- 1-800-599-9487.  Operators will be standing (or, more accurately) sitting by, just waiting patiently for you!  THANKS!!!


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