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"Bluegrass Cafe" Playlist - 2/3/2013

Hi Folks.

The scuttlebutt around the WHUS Bluegrass Cafe studio was that there was some kind of professional athletic event taking place somewhere far away from New England at the same time this show aired.  With such inspiration, we provided a great program of bluegrass for listeners with the wisdom to know they could listen to our show and get everything they needed to know about that far-flung event online in just minutes after its conclusion. :-)

Clockwise from upper left:  Bill Emerson, Cliff Waldron,
Ed Ferris, Bill Poffinberger, Mike Auldridge
Highlights included a rock-and-roll-turned-bluegrass set that included songs that saw their first light in blues and rock & roll, but tranlated to bluegrass quite well thanks to master artists Bill Emerson, Cliff Waldron, The Grass Cats, Larry Cordle, and Balsam Range.

We also heard the 2005 Song of the Year from Phil Leadbetter who will be performing with Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley a couple of times in New England this month.

Marty Raybon's new single debuted on this show as well as a couple of tracks from the new CD produced by Nathan Stanley of various artists like Vince Gill, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Ricky Skaggs performing songs in tribute to living legend Dr. Ralph Stanley.

Gary Ferguson
We heard an early version of Long Black Veil from The Country Gentlemen followed by the new sequel by Akira Otsuka.

Gary Ferguson provided a song from his Gunny Sack about a common affliction amongst traveling bluegrass bands -- Road Tired and Brain Dead.  The late Mike Auldridge provided the great pedal steel backup.

Other newer music included songs from The Grascals, Spinney BrothersAmerican Drive, Kathy Kallick Band, Audie Blaylock, Finnders and Youngberg, Jerry Salley, Carolina Road, David Peterson, Dailey & Vincent, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Ralph Stanley II, Mickey Boles, and Larry Gillis.

Molly O'Day
The Heritage Corner brought forth songs from Jimmy Martin and Bob Osborne, Vern & Ray, The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover, and Molly O'Day.

Next Sunday's Bluegrass Cafe will either be partially preempted by UCONN sports or possibly a snowstorm if access to the studio is limited, so my best advice is to tune in at 4pm to see what is in store.

Jim Beaver

requests in red

Song / Artist / Album / Label
  • Fire On The Mountain / Michael Cleveland / Sawing On The "C" String / Self-released
  • Alcatraz Island Blues / Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass / Road Into Town / Patuxent
  • Making A Killing / Spinney Brothers / Memories / Mountain Fever
  • I Could Change My Mind / Travers Chandler & Avery County / Pardon Me... / Mountain Fever
  • Hungry Heart / Grass Cats / The Mountains My Baby And Me / New Time
  • Fox On The Run / Emerson & Waldron / The Best Of Emerson & Waldron / Rebel
  • They Call Me The Breeze / Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time / Lonesome Skynyrd Time / CMH
  • One Way Out / Balsam Range / Papertown / Mountain Home
  • Lay That Hammer Down / The Grascals / Life Finds A Way / Mountain Home
  • California Cotton Fields / Phil Leadbetter / Slide Effects / Pinecastle
  • That Janie Baker / Marty Raybon / Single / Rural Rhythm
  • Keep On Walkin' / The Grascals / Keep On Walkin' / Rounder
  • Pretty Polly / Vince Gill & Rebecca Lynn Howard / A Special Tribute to A Living Legend / Nathan Stanley
  • Long Haul Trucking Man / American Drive / American Drive / Rural Rhythm
  • Is It Too Late To Settle Down / American Drive / American Drive / Rural Rhythm
  • Long Black Veil / The Country Gentlemen / On The Road (and More) / Smithsonian Folkways
  • Long Black Jacket / Akira Otsuka / First Tear / Patuxent
  • Thinkin' Of Home / Kathy Kallick Band / Time / Live Oak
  • On The Road / Audie Blaylock and Redline / Hard Country / Rural Rhythm
  • When I Miss Her Most Of All / Bill Hall & Northwind / In The Shadow Of The Pines / Old Homestead
  • Cabin On A Mountain / Vern & Ray / Cabin On A Mountain / Gusto
  • Comin' Home To You / Jerry Salley / Showing My Age / Very Jerry
  • You'll Never Be The Same / Jimmy Martin & Bob Osborne / Cabin On A Mountain / Gusto
  • I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby / Jerry Douglas w. Alison Krauss / Slide Rule / Sugar Hill
  • Road Tired And Brain Dead / Gary Ferguson / Songs From The Gunny Sack / Gunny Sack
  • Carolina In The Fall / Kruger Brothers / Best Of The Kruger Brothers / Self-release
  • Sweetest Love / Ralph Stanley w.George Shuffler, James King / Reunion / Wango
  • Bluefield / Ralph Stanley II / Born To Be A Drifter / Stanley Generation
  • Knob Creek (bed) / Steep Canyon Rangers / Nobody Knows You / Rounder
  • Valley Of Peace / Taylors Grove / Keep On The Sunny Side / Fishtraks
  • Take Me Home Country Roads / Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Bluegrassed / Cracker Barrel
  • I Know You're Married But I Love You Still / Carolina Road / Back To My Roots / Rural Rhythm
  • Red Hen Boogie / The McCormick Brothers / Hot Bluegrass Rhythm / Bronco Buster
  • Dad's Old Rocky Field / The Lewis Tradition / A Special Tribute to A Living Legend / Nathan Stanley
  • Fiddlin' To My Grave / Finnders and Youngberg / FY5 / Self-release
  • Travelling The High Way Home / Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks / self-titled / Bear Family
  • Master's Bouquet / Ricky Skaggs / A Special Tribute to A Living Legend / Nathan Stanley
  • Heaven's Jubilee / Lewis Family / Wrapped With Grace And Tied With Love / Canaan
  • Shouting Time In Heaven / Kenny And Amanda Smith / Life Goes On / Rural Rhythm
  • Love Will Roll The Clouds Away / Mickey Boles / Let My Feet Go Runnin' / Self-release
  • On The Other Side Of Jordan / David Peterson / Simplicity / Self-release
  • Saints Go Marching In / The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover / Bluegrass At The Roots / Smithsonian Folkways
  • Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord / Dailey & Vincent / The Gospel Side of... / Cracker Barrel
  • Ringing Of The Hammer / Larry Gillis / Ringing Of The Hammer / Tinman
  • Walking In A Dream / Fred Etheridge w. Nick Anderson, Mark Doyle / Pickin' And Singin' / Self-release

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