Friday, July 06, 2012

Mineral Springs Campground Bluegrass Festival - 2012

GrassRoutes at the 2011 edition of the Foot Stomp'n Festival
There's a mighty fine BG festival happening in eastern CT this weekend:  the annual Foot Stomp'n Festival at the Mineral Springs Family Campground in Stafford Springs, CT.  This festival has been going on for...well, I'm not exactly sure of HOW many years, but it's definitely been more than ten.  While the festival itself is kind of a low-key affair, the talent is definitely NOT low-key, as the lineup includes some of the best BG bands in the region.  Over the course of the three days, the performers include Acoustic Blue, Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters, the Bear Bridge Band (and its off-shoot, Bear Minimum), Crossover, Gail Wade & Turning Point, GrassRoutes, Hot Mustard, Southern Rail, and TrueGrass.  Even though the weather forecasters are predicting some major league heat on Saturday (as well as the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms), this is a festival you really don't want to miss.  For more information, call (860)684-2993 or visit the Mineral Springs website by clicking here.  The campground is located at 135 Leonard Road in Stafford Springs.  

I hope to see lots of folks there, of course.  I'm bringing a few WHUS items with me, so we'll be looking for you...


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