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"Bluegrass Cafe" Playlist - 12/6/2009

Hi Folks,

This version of Bluegrass Cafe had plenty of specials, including a birthday set, a train set, a Hylo Brown tribute, and a tribute and remembrance of Jack Cooke who passed away December 1st.

I recall a conversation I had with Jack Cooke during his last appearance in East Hartford July 6, 2007, where he was very interested in how I liked his first and only solo album: "Sittin' On Top Of the World." Jack confided that he had thought about his inevitable mortality and it had occurred to him that he should leave something to represent his legacy. The solo album was the result. We played several tracks from that album including the two bonus tracks recorded in 1963. It is clear that Jack was much more than Ralph's bass player.

Our birthday set included songs from Jim Eanes (12/6/1923), the Gillis Brothers (John Gillis, 12/6/1966), and ironically, Jack Cooke (12/6/1936).

A caller on a previous show requested something from Hylo Brown, so I created a whole set to pay tribute to Hylo including tracks from his Starday, Rural Rhythm, and Jessup periods. I also played Jimmy Martin's version of "Grand Ole Opry Song" that Hylo wrote.

Other new music included tracks from Missy Werner, Darren Beachley & Legends of the Potomac, Sam Bush, Adam Steffey, and the hot 16-year-old North Carolina banjo and guitar picker Seth Taylor who currently holds down the banjo position with Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad.

I mined the Heritage Corner vaults for classic tracks from Joe Val, Jimmy Martin, and a hair curling song from Buzz Busby.

The upcoming exam and holiday season at UCONN will be opening up the 2-4pm slot, so Amy and I will be happily stepping in to provide up to five hours of Sunday afternoon bluegrass music beginning next Sunday, December 13th. So don't forget to tune in early at 2pm EST to get a really good dose of the best in bluegrass.

We'll see you out and about...

Jim Beaver

requests in blue, Jack Cooke tribute in red


  • Fire On The Mountain / Michael Cleveland / Sawing On The "C" String / Self-released
  • Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die / Jim Eanes / All American Bluegrass / Sun
  • Ice Cold Stone / The Gillis Brothers / Ice Cold Stone / Hay Holler
  • I'm Walking The Dog / Jack Cooke / Sittin' On Top Of The World / Pinecastle
  • Choo Choo / Flatt Mountain Boys / The Best Of Starday Bluegrass / King
  • I Could Love You / Flatt Mountain Boys / The Best Of Starday Bluegrass / King
  • I've Always Been A Rambler / Jack Cooke / Sittin' On Top Of The World / Pinecastle
  • Over In The Glory Land / The Stanley Brothers with Jack Cooke / On The Air With Ray Davis Volume Two / Wango (Cassette)
  • Sittin' On Top Of The World / Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys / Live At McCabe's Guitar Shop / DCN
  • Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey / Jack Cooke / Sittin' On Top Of The World / Pinecastle
  • Don't Act / Rhonda Vincent / All-American Bluegrass Girl / Rounder
  • John Henry / Hylo Brown / All American Bluegrass / Sun
  • Hills Of Georgia / Hylo Brown / The Best Of Starday Bluegrass / King
  • Sad Prison Song / Hylo Brown / The Best Of Starday Bluegrass / King
  • Lost To A Stranger / Hylo Brown / Bluegrass In The Smokies / Rural Rhythm
  • Grand Ole Opry Song / Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys / 1954-1974 / Bear Family
  • Love You Don't Know Cannot Hurt You / Darren Beachley & the Legend of the Potomac / [CD single] / Patuxent
  • A Broken Heart Keeps Beatin' / Adam Steffey / One More For The Road / Sugar Hill
  • The Ballad Of Stringbean And Estelle / Sam Bush / Circles Around Me / Sugar Hill
  • All She Wrote / Jim Lauderdale / Could We Get Any Closer? / Sky Crunch
  • Crazy Love / Rhonda Vincent / Destination Life / Rounder
  • I Won't Back Down / Dale Ann Bradley / Don't Turn Your Back / Compass
  • Sylvie / The Steep Canyon Rangers / Deep In The Shade / Rebel
  • The Ballad Of Charlie Dill / Ernie Thacker / The Hangman / Pinecastle
  • Down In Caroline / Balsam Range / Last Train To Kitty Hawk / Mountain Roads
  • Gypsy, Joe and Me / Missy Werner / Drifting And Dreaming / Self-released
  • I Wouldn't Change You If I Could / Ricky Skaggs / The High Notes / Cracker Barrel
  • Midnight Train / Warrior River Boys / Freight Train Special Volume One / Wango
  • Baggage Coach Ahead / Bill Harrell / Freight Train Special Volume Two / Wango
  • Bye Bye Black Smoke Choo Choo / Dick Unteed / 25 Classic Train Songs / Rural Rhythm
  • The Wreck Of The Old 97 / Connie & Babe and the Backwoods Boys / Bluegrass Express / Rounder
  • My Blue Eyed Darling / Audie Blaylock and Redline / Self-titled / Rural Rhythm
  • Don't Leave Me Alone / J. Sisk, G. Jones, B. Hawks, J. Boulding, B. Hiatt / Born Into Bluegrass / Mountain Roads
  • Dime Store Rings / Lonesome River Band / No Turning Back / Rural Rhythm
  • My Angeline / Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out / Self-titled / Rural Rhythm
  • I Got A Letter / Valerie Smith & Becky Buller / Here's A Little Song… / Bell Buckle
  • Heart Of Caroline / U.S. Navy Country Current / Navy Blue Bluegrass / RWB
  • Don't Be Waitin' / Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa / Self-titled / Self-released
  • Studebaker / Seth Taylor / Movin' On / Self-released
  • 1950 Studebaker / Prairie Siding / North To Ontario 2009 / Independent-release
  • Arkansas Traveler / Roger Williams / A Resophonic Retrospective / Happy Appy
  • Try To Be / Newfound Road / Same Old Place / Rounder
  • Done Gone / Don Stover / Things In Life / Rounder
  • Call Me Up And I'll Come Callin' / Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver / Lonely Street / Rounder
  • Where Will This End / Buzz Busby / Going Home / King
  • Tennessee Hound Dog / Pam Gadd / Benefit Of Doubt / Home Sweet Highway
  • Who Will Sing For Me / James King & Danny Paisley / Little Old Country Church / Wango
  • You'll Be Rewarded Over There / Joe Val & The New England Bluegrass Boys / One Morning In May / Rounder
  • River Of Jordan / Tommy Webb / Heartland / Rural Rhythm
  • I'm On The Last Mile / The Easter Brothers / Favorites / Life Line
  • When I Safely Reach That Other Shore / Tommy Magness / The Best Of King Bluegrass / King
  • Voice Of My Savior / Tommy Brown & The County Line Grass / Mountain Bluegrass / Hay Holler
  • I'll Wear The Banner / Jim & Jesse / Heaven Bound / Time-Life
  • Shoutin' On The Hills Of Glory / Darren Beachley / Sad Songs & Sunday Mornings / MasterShield
  • Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem / Ralph Stanley with the Clinch Mountain Boys / Heaven Bound / Time-Life
  • The Promise / The Gillis Brothers / Best Of The Gillis Brothers / Hay Holler

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