Monday, December 10, 2007

Another name to add to your Christmas card list....

Folks -

I just read a piece posted yesterday on the Bluegrass Blog suggesting that this year, everyone ought to send a Christmas card to a true Bluegrass legend (a word often overused, but not in this case): Mac Wiseman.

Here's the original post:

Mac Wiseman Christmas card drive
Posted By John On 9th December 2007 @ 10:30

We just got a note from Gary Williams, who hosts the Old Dominion Jamboree on WLEE in Richmond, VA and is one of the founders of Gary is asking everyone to get on board and send a card to one of bluegrass music’s true legends this Christmas season.

Mac Wiseman, at the age of 82, has announced he is retiring from touring. The Old Dominion Jamboree and is asking everyone to show Mac how much we love him and his 63 year contribution to Bluegrass and Country Music by sending him a Christmas card to:

Mr. Mac Wiseman
P.O. Box 17208
Nashville, TN 37217

Of the first generation of Bluegrass musicians, Mac has written, sung and produced music for 63 years. He was vice-president of DOT Records and a founder of the Country Music Association and the first secretary. He gave Lester and Earl a break just when they were ready to call it quits. Let’s all show we appreciate him by taking a few minutes and 41 cents to send him a card.

Have a Merry Christmas by brightening someone else’s!

Add Mac to your card list this year, won't you?

If you're not familiar with the Bluegrass Blog, you probably ought to be. Blog founders and daily contributors, Brance Gillihan and John Lawless, won an IBMA Award this year in the category of "Print Media Person of the Year." Every day, they get information out there on what's new in world of Bluegrass, including recording projects, festivals, and, of course, band changes. Check it out!

And do add the name of Mac Wiseman to your Christmas card list.


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